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Managing Director

Mr. Virender Dhanda

While being professional, always be in touch with your conscious to achieve purposeful and justified result. 

Mr. Virender Dhanda seamlessly combines in his personality and his work this dual aspect of being Practical and Idealistic at the same time. He is practical in his approach, so that the work is always executed meticulously and delivered on time. Yet there is an Idealistic streak, which makes him stand out among his contemporaries as somebody who will not compromise on quality. With all earnest come up to the aspirations of the clients in creating meaningful spaces.  

In the last more than two decades Virender Dhanda has moved forward consciously, carefully and cautiously while exploring emerging possibilities and trends in infrastructure development.

Once he takes up the responsibility of a project, he moves with conviction, with complete focus, attention, energy and experience on hand, to execute the project   successfully.

A truly self-made person, Mr. Virender Dhanda’s journey began with a degree in Architecture in 1995 as a professional Architect and later on evolved as a developer under the name & style of M/s AVL Infrastructure Pvt. Ltd. He is a first generation entrepreneur and absolutely self-made person with ethical values from a respectable family.

In his work, he has always endeavored to enhance quality of life with his creativity in the field of Architecture, be it exclusive premium residences, multi-story mass housing and commercial complexes, institutions or affordable housings.

Having an efficiently managed in house Architectural and Engineering team. Mr. Dhanda specializes in esthetic, efficient design, development and in time delivery. Today   with over forty plus completed projects under its umbrella, he has not only proved his mettle, he has also become a byword in the industry for infrastructure development  with professionalism, honesty, transparency and timely delivery as his core principles. 

For Mr. Dhanda, this marks just the beginning, the launching pad from which he plans to expand. As he says, It is my good fortune that my passion became my profession; together it makes an invincible combination.

A Kaleidoscope of Landmark Lifestyles by Mr. Virender Dhanda